The Skillful Meditation Project is a non-profit organization that supports the teaching of Recollective Awareness Meditation. It has gone through several changes over the past year, resulting in a new board of directors and re-instating Jason Siff as the Executive Director/Founding Teacher. A new website is in the process of development and will be ready when the organization has determined the right time to launch it. Please sign up for the monthly emails if you would like to be informed about webinars, workshops, retreats, classes, individual instruction, and facilitator training.
Jason Siff has written several articles and recorded numerous talks that offer guidance for those practicing Recollective Awareness Meditation. These can be found on the website. Please visit that site while this one is under construction.
Skillful Meditation Project Update
New Recollective Awareness Meditation Website
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By signing up for the SMP monthly email, you will receive an email with a recent article written by Jason Siff or Daniel Nussbaum, links to recordings of talks and webinars, and announcements of upcoming events. There will be no fund-raising, no sharing of your name or email address with any other person or organization, and no advertising or promotion other than SMP activities and the release of books and other materials by SMP teachers.