Bill Cooper, President- Bill is a husband, psychotherapist, and a longtime meditator, beginning in the late '70s. He has generally been in close contact with Buddhist teachers during this time. He has participated in the Recollective Awareness community since 2010. Also, he is in the teacher training program, and he leads an RA group in Bellevue, as well as providing online individual teaching. "I believe Recollective Awareness and Buddhist teachings are precious and sorely needed in this world; I want to help SMP bring these teachings to others."

Janet Keyes, Secretary - Janet has been meditating since 1987, and practicing Recollective Awareness for the past five years. She has trained and served as a Buddhist chaplain, and worked within and with many small non-profit organizations. She has organized a peer Recollective Awareness group for several years in Berkeley, has been in the SMP teacher training program since August 2014, co-taught a non-residential retreat with Linda Modaro in the fall of 2015, leads a second group in Berkeley, and worked with students during the online course this spring. She and her husband support SMP with quarterly donations.

Sam Crowell, Treasurer - Sam has been a regular meditator since the early 90's. In his youth he was an ordained minister but has been a student of Taoism for many years. Recollective Awareness is his primary meditation practice. He is also part of a teaching cohort led by Linda Modaro. Sam is founder of a university Masters Program in Holistic and Integrative Education, a founding member of an international Spirituality and Education Network, and a UNESCO faculty of Education for Sustainable Development with the Earth Charter at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.