About Teaching Recollective Awareness Meditation

Though this approach to meditation can be undertaken without a teacher, the kind of inner transformation that can occur from this practice is more likely to happen under the guidance of a qualified teacher. The teacher can help with impasses that arise in meditation, with periods of doubts and questioning, with the frustration you might feel when your sittings seem to be going nowhere, and with ways of looking into faulty narratives and finding truer understandings.

SMP teachers tend to spend a great deal of time with their students and get to know them well. When you work with a teacher, you have someone who you can contact regularly about your meditation practice, who will read all of your meditation journals and listen to you talk about your sittings. You will have a capable qualified person giving you guidance geared toward developing an open awareness meditation practice. If there are things for you to unlearn in your meditation, the teacher will help you in a kind, gentle manner. If there are things for you to learn, the teacher will participate in educating and/or providing you with resources for your own self-study.

This is all done on a donation basis. That does not mean the teachers work for free--it means that they rely on your gratitude and generosity to keep teaching.